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Benvenuti & Buon appetito!
From the hills of Parma, in northern Italy, to the dining tables of Mamma Teresa’s in Ottawa, The Boselli Family brought the best of traditional Italian cuisine.
Ten years after the family arrived in 1960, Giuliano and his mother, Mamma Teresa, opened the doors to a world of tempting tastes. Together, they prepared the dishes of Italy, always remaining true to the original recipes, and creating a new tradition of dining pleasure for the National Capital area.

The people of Parma, in the Emilia Romagna region, are noted for their zest for life. They enjoy good food and fine wine in a friendly and warm ambiance. Mamma Teresa brings to life their legendary hospitality.
When Giuliano and his mother established Mamma Teresa’s, they had a tradition of great cooking to build upon. Together, they succeeded, their efforts have been rewarded, and their dreams have come true.
Today, Mamma Teresa is world-renowned for its fine food and very special atmosphere. Politicians, celebrities as well as members of the general public regularly gather at Mamma Teresa’s for a gastronomic and unforgettable experience.


For over 50 years, Mamma Teresa has been serving authentic Italian cuisine.

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